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Oka Speaks_ Eugene, Oregon

Posted April 23, 2011 by Mike

Oka Speaks is a rising artist from Eugene. I have seen this musician preform live, and let me tell you he is better live than on tape. That said, his studio work is clean and original. feel free to comment here! Free Downloads The Longest Walk by OkaSpeaks

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Posted August 11, 2011 by Mike

Vivid from Pakistan! Congratulations to Hassan Malik, the 1st artist from Pakistan to be featured on FreioMusic!  Vivid is constantly inproving and developing his sound. There is evidence of improvement. In just 5 months Vivid has released a wave of compelling and inspirational electronic music to the region.  Vivid describes his style as “House/Deep House”.  However you hear […]

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Posted July 23, 2011 by Scott

K.O.Lab (USA) Jonathan Casper, the creative force behind K.O.Lab, is coming to us from Rochester, New York. This rising artist lays down heavy, in your face, dubstep and dance music. His clean sampling and dirty beats are sure to keep the party going and your face melting all night. Every track of K.O.Lab’s is 100% […]

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7 Clever Ways to Profit From Your Music

Posted January 4, 2016 by FreioMusic

Seven Clever Ways to Profit From Your Music   In this blog post you will learn some of the best proven strategies used by some of the most successful musicians around today.  If you have been a professional musician for decades or are just starting out today this article is for you.  These seven clever […]

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Arise Music Festival 2016 © FreioMusic

Arise Music Festival 2016 Video Recap

Posted March 8, 2017 by FreioMusic

~Arise Music Festival 2016 Video | Loveland, Colorado~ Now that 2017 is in full swing, we figured it was about time to release our video from Arise Music Festival 2016.  We are thrilled to have teamed up with our good friends at Dead Leaf Arts for this one. This family-friendly festival has grown over the […]

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