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Arise Music Festival 2016 © FreioMusic



Top 5 Moments of Unexpected Sonic Perfection at Sonic Bloom ’14

Sonic Bloom 2014-American Safari Ranch My favorite part about music festivals is discovering new artists to incorporate into my daily repertoire of jams. While I was beyond stoked for some of my highly anticipated favorites lik...
by Hari Khalsa



California’s own; AMBISIE AMBISIE is an emerging electro powerhouse from Diamond Bar, California. This producer drops heavy bass with smooth, unique samples that will make your blood pump! Described as “Awesome upli...
by Scott


Front Country – Interview

In this exclusive artist interview, FreioMusic sat down with three members of the up and coming Bay Area band, Front Country.  Front Country’s Adam Roszkiewicz, Jacob Groopman, and Melody Wal...
by Mike



Envision Festival 2015

Envision Yourself Here Envision festival is a transformational gathering that embodies much more than the average festival. Combining the traveling experience of Costa Rica’s tropical paradise with the infectious energy of th...
by Molly Buckiewicz


Beatz and Peaces

Scotty Tichenor & Aaron Green are the minds behind the sound. Influenced by: Pretty Lights, Lotus, and Zoogma. In their own words: “Beatz & Peaces is a fusion between dub, dance, electronic jams and break beats...
by FreioMusic


Tall Tale Excursion

Tall Tale Excursion: USA-Eugene, Oregon “We like to call our style of music Oregon Greengrass!” This joyful quartet includes band members: Aslan Sheffler (age 21), Gage Hawke (age 23), Andy Gullickson (age 24), Meg Keefe (...
by FreioMusic