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July 12, 2016

Sonic Bloom 2016

    Sonic Bloom 2016 has a stacked lineup producing incredible performances too numerous to describe here.  It is safe to say, “SonicBloom has become one of the best electronic music festivals in North America!”  It is worth noting the international talent attracted to the base of the Colorado Rockies to share their vision, talent and art.  To see the full lineup click here.  

     The mindfulness and vision to attract the top talent from across the globe, must be recognized and commended.  The three official stages vibrated with historic house music. This festival is the nexus of the Colorado electronic music scene.  The location is perched atop a beautiful space of land with the foothills of the Rockies to the west and windmill filled fields that go on to meet the eastern horizon.  The festival has succeeded at curating a fertile ground for the world-wide cutting edge of musical maneuvering. 

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      The sound systems are tuned to the valley and can bump through the entire festival grounds.  The security is appropriately staffed and energetically aligned.  The friendly faces can be found throughout the campgrounds, stages, in swinging hammocks, in high fiveing security guards, or the dancing chefs who happily serve nourishing food at reasonable prices.  The ice, in high demand in the hot sun is the only noticeably overpriced product at $1/lb.  The showers run at full capacity as people line up for their chance to clean off that layer of accumulated dust and dirt that is kicked up from all of the movement.  The sunny and beautiful weather also brings with it the dryness enabling the dirt to turn to dust.   The wind is welcome and the stream is an oasis for people looking to take a dip and cool off. 

Photo by M.Morahan © Freio Music 2016

Photo by M.Morahan © Freio Music 2016

     The unofficial or ‘renegade’ stages include tipis and camp sites stacked with speakers and subs.  The colorful crowd and the apex of art have arrived to create an immersive experience that people are willing to dedicate four days to.  Some of the crowd has traveled from across the continent to enjoy the this dreamed up reality. 

      This festival has become a small close nit group of people who are looking out for one another to form a utopic village for just under a week.  The production continues after the last set as everything needs to return to its original order; stages must come down, lasers, lights, projectors, sound & lighting boards, 1,000’s of yards of electric wiring, speakers, microphones, instruments, and framework to name a few.  The thankless work of setting up all of the stages and hauling in the gear was executed with time to spare and enough technology to entertain even the most avid of festival goers. 

      People in their ‘A-Game’ costumes come energetically into the festival entrance in groups.  Everyone has made 10+ new friends and friendly neighbors.   The exchange of ideas, paints, music and visual art permeate the mind of every attendee.  One cannot help but be inspired by something of unique beauty.   

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Day in the Life; at Sonic Bloom:

Winds whip down the hills and across the plains. Dust moves in a hurried Eastwood direction. Every walk of electronic culture strolls through the grounds interacting with experiences, sonic vibrations and frequencies across the perceptible spectrum. Cars have been rolling in for over 12 hours at a steady pace filling up the campgrounds. The lucky and wise are nestled among the 6′ shrubbery whose neighbors are bushes and trees. My neighbors on the other hand-made the pilgrimage to SonicBloom from Louisiana. A tightly packed vehicle of four young energetic and enthusiastic beautiful artistic human beings.  As a group, it does not seem possible to gather so many like-minded humans in a place to enjoy and thrive in a collaborative environment.

Friendly staff greet the goers. The hippy chicks and the electric glowers.

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      From the lighting to the sound, from the stages to the camp ground, there are smiles to go around. With the hammocks from Yammocks, and the beats from the peeps the festi is full of fun-loving music geeks.

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      Three stages of stacked sets featuring some of the top electronic acts from around the world.  American electronic music lovers treat this event as an annual pilgrimage to discover and reunite with the music, people and source of creative energy that is the foundation of a festival.  Creativity flows from the ornately decorated stages and sublimely composed tracks that suddenly take hold of the listeners and create a simultaneous bodily expression of enjoyment including but not limited to twerking, spinning, jumping, dropping, exploding or floating.

         The breeze kicked up into a howl for Nightmares on Wax’s last song featuring one of the most recognizable guitar riffs around.  The high energy Bonobo set was filled with masterfully woven bass lines pulsing through the night.  The crowd can be heard cheering for miles. 

Photo by M.Morahan

Photo by M.Morahan

      The late night stages rage like there is no finality to human diurnality. The artists continue to stoke the flaming crowd into the next adventure and from one set to the next. The solitude of night embraced with the warmth of bass and faces.With the evolution of the performances, the pulse of the festival was amplified and magnified by the exemplified beat technique. The audible entertainment abruptly ended, with a slow retreating high pass filter that faded out for 15 min or more notifying the audience that the silent disco was starting. With headphones on, the party rolls on…

The nexus of Colorado electronic music counter-culture is here; at Sonic Bloom, on the beautiful property at Humming Bird Ranch.  



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