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March 30, 2012

Resolution- Jan 28th, 2012

Resolution Portland, Oregon, USA

Upon reflection, this show has been a highlight of 2012 thus far.  With much more to come, who can sit still? Here is some of the music that has permitted the West Coast vibrations and will continue for yeas to come!

Phuture Primitive!

Horizon Events threw a massave rager in a warehouse in Portland.  Actually let me rephrase that.  A collective effort was put forth to create a ridiculous event with a killer light show.  A spectacular display of lights, lasers, and video to the eyes with lighting by Dreamer, visuals by Light Trope, and space shaping by Renaissnce Raven, the ave was scheduled from 9:00PM to 6:00AM.  9 hours of head pounding, sternum wrenching bassy electronic music coupled with incredible visuals, i think all were sweaty and satisfied as the sun was rising.

“RESOLUTION! The show was sold out!!!!!!! 500+ heads in the building make for a special night! Big ups to RE SOUND for the KV2 sweetness, all the vendors, the AMAZING DJ TALENT, THE AMAZING SECURITY TEAM, MICHEAL BOWLES and his crew for the dopest stage setup I have ever seen, JOSH FITZ for equally impressive video design, DREAMER with the DOPEST LASER SHOW IN THE NW” -Zilch

A special thanks to Tribal Spectrum, Michael Bowls (Renaissance Raven), Stapelton, Alden Rodgers and Horizon Events!

Kinetik - Phutureprimitive


To learn more about Phuture Primitive

visit: Luminous EP - Phutureprimitive

Tribal Spectrum Eugene, Oregon

Also made an appearance, making for a wonderful set, acrobates took flight, girls got down, and all enjoyed themselves. The Trio is playing at Lucidity Music & Arts festival in Santa Barbra, California for more info, click here:

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