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October 17, 2012

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister


Freio Music Presents He's My Brother She's My Sister



A rocking band traveling the West-coast & Mid-west USA.

He’s my Brother She’s my Sister, aka HMBSMS, is a band with flare, touch, tap, and style. A unique approach to music and crowd participation. In fact they invited some of the wildest and bravest crowd members to sing with them on stage. HMBSMS has a very heavy tour schedule, and is constantly on the move. After seeing He is my brother she is my sister in Eugene, Oregon, I had to talk with them. The band members were kind enough to agree to a phone interview (click here). The night was clear, the flow of beer, and the music was here at Sam Bond’s Garage.  The sibling vocal harmonies were noticeable in the incredibly cohesive sound despite the Rob having the flue, and sweating profusely during the entire show.  The percussionist Lauren, standing on a kick drum tap-dancing, danced with enthusiasm and a purpose.  Rachel’s beautiful vocals and occasional tambourine shakes kept the flare alive.   With walking bass lines and sliding lap-steal guitar, the sound was keyed in.  HMBSMS opened up the microphone up to other members of the audience, who gratefully grabbed the mic to scat and howl the night away.  With a taste of Eugene, this band wanted a little more, entertaining an encore to the fans delight.  To read more about the show & hear from three members of the band in an interview found only hear on FreioMusic

With an extremely heavy tour schedule, the band will likely be within a couple hours away (if you are in the USA) from your home town.  Check out their tour schedule here:



To read the full interview with HMBSMS click here


For more info & music please visit:


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