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November 11, 2011

Signmark the Deaf Hip-Hop Artist

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Written by: Michael
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Signmark: from Helsinki, Finland

A Deaf Finnish rap artist, Marko Vuoriheimo whose stage name is Signmark, left his (signing) mark on the festival, ‘See the Music’ in June 2011 in Greece.  Signmark, rather appropriately named for being a Deaf Musician, is a young and rising musician who expands the audiences’ mind.  His fluid signing and rhythmic rhyming are impressive, to say the least. “Signmark (a.k.a. Marko Vuoriheimo) started spreading his message over strong beats where hard, low frequencies and bass are playing a crucial part in his performance. These elements help him adapt to the rhythm as he proves; music is more than what you can hear!”

His accomplishments in the Musical community have not gone unnoticed.  He is the first Deaf person to be ‘signed’ to an international major music label.  Signmark has gathered support from friends and the Deaf community to release the world’s 1st ever Sign Language (ASL) hip-hop DVD in 2006.

Signmark shows empathy and support for the hearing world by collaborating with a hearing hip-hop artist Brandon, who is his voice for the hearing audience.  It is arguable that Brandon, a rather bland name, would never have become internationally recognized if it weren’t for Signmark’s commendable efforts with the integration between the Deaf and Hearing populations.  However, without the help and musical awareness of Brandon, there is no doubt that Signmark’s success would have been dwarfed if the hearing audience could not appreciate the music.  By collaborating with a hearing artist who respects Signmark’s style, culture, and language the duo hip-hop team is on their way to change the world.  “Open your mind” signs Signmark, and rapped by Brandon in their song, “Our Life”

U Saw it first HEAR @freioMusic

*Signmark is a collaborative effort by Signmark (a.k.a. Marko Vuoriheimo), Brandon (vocals), Weirdness (VJ/DJ)

“The live shows are always bilingual. The songs are performed with American Sign Language and spoken English. Signmark has gained international interest by touring in several countries, including Japan, U.S.A., Iceland, Spain, Ethiopia and Namibia…. The album ‘Signmark’ takes a stand for equality and aims to bring people together”.    The FreioMusic community supports Signmark’s worldly vision.   We would like to send out a warm welcome to Marko (signs), Brandon (vocals), and Weirdness (vj/dj) as they prepare for a comprehensive tour schedule in America.  They plan on stopping in Seattle, Portland, SanFransico, L.A, and several other cities.

Whether this is your first time hearing the inaudible raps of a signing-poet and musician, or if you are familiar with this hip-hop duo from Europe, you can help these artists grow their fan base.  Increase awareness for this spectacular form of artistic expression by sharing with friends.

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