Michael Morahan

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Born 1989 in Denver, Colorado as an artist.  Passionate about music, Michael aspires to connect the world through peaceful artistic expressions.  A believer in the notion that music, a global language, can transcend cultural barriers and connect people.  After a few weeks of college, Michael decided to create something unique and original, an expression of and home for art – Freio Music.  


Melissa Harrison AKA ‘Sober Raver’



An architect by day and graphic artist by night, Melissa heads the marketing team at Freio. She believes in the power of art – from a brush stroke to music. Calling the mountains of Colorado home, she finds inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds her.

Find her work here:

StudioSchematics.com – Make art that makes a statement.


Molly Buckiewicz



Molly is a 24-year-old photographer and journalist. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys everything about life, especially outdoor adventures, dancing to live music, and being creative in every opportunity possible. As a photographer, her goal is to show you the beauty of the world through her lenses perspective and make you notice the small details that pass many by. 

Check out her work here: