Website Development Opportunity

Attention all website developers, computer scientists, and technology buffs! Freio Music is looking for self-motivated developers who are interested in the music industry to lead in a website development project. All current professionals, studying undergraduate, graduate students, and other ambitious people are invited to discuss the possibility of teaming up with the Freio Music community to shape and achieve the collaborative vision that is Freio Music. This website development opportunity is limited to creative and inspired individuals. We are looking for developers who are not afraid to learn and conquer the unknown. We would love to hear from anyone who has web experience and is motivated enough to learn new skills, programs, or languages. Join our creative team today, and change the world tomorrow! Team Work Makes the Dream Work~ ©FreioMusic

If you are interested in this website development opportunity and possess any or all of the following skills listed below, please contact us!

Nice Skills (to have):

– Web Design / Digital Design
– HTML 5
– API Development / Integration
– JavaScript
– Ruby
– Ruby on Rails
– iOS App Development
– WordPress Development / Customization

  • Buddy Press
  • MultiSite

We appreciate the time and commitment required of those who wish to pursue this website development opportunity.  Your efforts and insights will be valued and rewarded.  Compensation possibilities will be discussed personally.

Feel free to contact us here or email us at:

[email protected]